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This blog is dedicated to all things crafty. I recently started an Etsy shop and I am definitely getting an education on selling online, promoting and just how creative minds and hands can be. So this blog is a little about the thrills and frustrations as I take this journey and some extremely cool things that I find along the way. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pinterest is Addicting

I joined Pinterest a couple weeks ago but hadn't really looked into it until I got an email that I had a follower. How the heck can I have a follower when I hadn't pinned anything? lol. So I checked it out and the follower was actually someone I knew from elementary school (she's actually my little sister's classmate). While I was there, I looked at some things "pinned" by other people.

Then, I decided to pin some stuff myself. Oh my god, pinning is addicting. You can't pin just one I'm telling you.

Pinterest was recommended on a promo discussion thread that I was reading...and guess what, somebody pinned one of my earrings. Yay!!!!!

So far, pinterest is just another thing to take up my time, but at least I can do it while I'm doing other things that take up my time (online christmas shopping, fantasizing about my dream vacations, looking up easy recipes...yadda, yadda)

You all should check it out.


Beware, very addicting.

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